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Online service for drawing together on unlimited shared white board using different painting tools. Text chat and navigation tools are available.


  • Client: Java Applet, AWT, Swing, JavaScript, AJAX, HTML/CSS
  • Server: JavaEE, Servlets, Persistence, MySQL

Project is under development now. Public beta version has been released for testing.


Designed and developed JavaScript-application with client-side data encryption. AES symmetric cryptography algorithm is used for client-side encryption of user data to prevent unauthorized data access in network or server. JavaScript application includes rich-text editor and password directory.


  • Client: JavaScript (jQuery), AJAX, MD5, AES (as JavaScript libraries)
  • Server: PHP, MySQL

Photo for documents

Online service was designed for preparing photo for different documents. The service crop, position and duplicate given image according rules for particular document type.


  • Client: JavaScript (jQuery), AJAX
  • Server: Java, Servlets, JSP, AWT


A desktop application was developed for preparing visual materials for speech therapists. An online store was designed, license tools and integration with different payment systems was implemented.


  • Application: C++ (MS VC), GDI
  • Online store: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX

Translators portal

Set of online services for international translators exchange was designed and developed including personal account service with profile editor, job board, notification service and mass-mail tools.


  • PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, SMTP with MIME extension

File sharing service

Developed a file sharing service for large files. Custom file uploading FastCGI handler was implemented for controlling uploading progress.


  • PHP, FastCGI, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX

Online account for clients
of archive company

Designed and developed online service to allow clients to work online with stored documents: view scanned images and place orders for off-line actions, such as original documents delivering. HTTPS client certificates and one-time passwords are used for user authorization.


  • PHP, Java, JDBC, MySQL, SQL Server

RFID-based document
registration system

RFID-reader data processing service was developed to analyze RFID label detection events from multiple readers/antennas and record current location of document as well as document movement history into DB. Another tool is used on gate-keeper control panel to control document passing.


  • С++, SQL Server, RFIDlib

Personal expert system
for archive professionals

Expert system for determining of document storage terms was developed as desktop application using C++ then as web-service using PHP and MySQL. In both version stemming algorithm was used to find keywords in document attributes. PHP stemming module was developed for online version. HASP hardware protection system was used for desktop version.


  • Application: C++, HASP protection
  • Online service: PHP, MySQL, PHP module