Simple Keys plug-in

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About plug-in

The Simple Keys plug-in for WinAmp is a tool to control the programm with the help of user-defined hot keys.

Its advantages compared to its analogues are following: it starts automatically when you run WinAmp; it closes and is unloaded from memory at the end of WinAmp work; it takes little memory space and system resources; no icons in SysTray and other unnecessary signs of its activity. The plug-in is freeware, so it is distributed absolutely free.

Download plug-in

The distribution kit includes DLL-file containing this rlug-in, installation and setup guide in HTML-file and an example configuration file.

"Simple Keys" plug-in, version 1.0     (Exe-installer, 112 k, RU & EN)

"Simple Keys" plug-in, version 1.0    (Zip packed, 32 k, EN)


First case: use exe-installer. Download and run installer program, select language (for both installer messages and plug-in interface) and follows installer instructions on screen.

Second case: install plug-in from zip-archive. To do this:

  1. Extract the archive into WinAmp plug-ins folder (for example, C:\Program Files\WinAmp\Plugins)
  2. Edit Simple Keys setup file (simple_keys_setting.reg) to specify hot keys you want, using any text editor. You can find detailed procedure in Setup chapter.
  3. Add changes to the registry by running simple_keys_setting.reg file.
  4. Restart WinAmp.

If the plug-in is set up correctly it will appear in "Plug-ins / General Purpose" dialogue of WinAmp setup.


You can configure plug-in manually or by online-configurator.

Remove plug-in

To remove plug-in you must close WinAmp, then delete gen_simple_keys.dll file from WinAmp plug-ins folder. You may also delete HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Winamp\Plugins\DenVo\Simple_Keys from the system registry to remove plug-in settings. While editing system registry you should take precautions as described on "Configure" page.


If you have any questions or suggestions about this software please fill free to contact me by e-mail (address on the top of the page).